Welcome to 60-seconds of scicomm

Are you a scientist wanting to communicate your work but not sure where to start?

Or maybe you're thinking about becoming a fully fledged science communicator and wanting advice from others?

Our video catalogue is growing each week with contributions from our Chatty Scientist community sharing their thoughts, experiences and advice with you.

The four video themes include:

Theme 1) Meet The Scientist - A selection of scientists explaining their research in clear, simple way. It's a great example of how you can easily explain a range of complex topic using everyday language in less than 1 minute!

Theme 2) Let's Talk Scicomm - Includes contributions from scientists who take part in science communication activities, hoping to inspire and share advice to get other scientists started.

Theme 3) Meet The Scicommers - Videos from people whos work involves communicating science to the general public! Revealing how they started, their favourite methods and how to adapt your research to different audiences.

Theme 4) Scicomm Masters - Want to do something a little bit different? Our final theme has videos from a range of science communication experts covering a range of topics from 'how to write science books for children' to 'how to start a science vlog'!

Want to submit a video? Check out our blog for more information about the project.

Theme 1: Meet The Scientists

Theme 2: Let's Talk Scicomm

Theme 3: Meet the Scicommers​

Theme 4: Scicomm Masters