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Hello! I'm Kira and I'm so thrilled to welcome you to The Chatty Scientist website.

As a marine biologist, I loved hearing from colleagues about their research, especially when they were so passionate about it. Even as a fellow scientist I didn't always understand the acronyms and specialist science terms they used and sure enough, the 'language cloud' hid the true importance of their research from my curious, science-loving mind.

At conferences - although I knew the projects were fascinating - the presentations lacked the ingredients that could keep me engaged. I realised then how important it is to be able to communicate your research in a way that anyone can understand and in a way that will make me want to know more! Don't just give me the results and tell me the method. Show me why you persisted through months of failed experiments and late nights of statistical analysis and thesis writing! Surely all that stress was for more than a significant P-value?!

I'm now a lecturer in science communication at the University of Portsmouth, and a freelance writer and UK correspondent for a number of environment and technology magazines. I'm thrilled to be able to share the wonders of science with the world, helping others understand the significance of your work.

Communication is a skill vital for the survival of science and to help drive both advancements within the field and positive changes in our communities. As such, I also aim to inspire and show scientists how you can easily communicate your research effectively.

Through The Chatty Scientist, I hope you will find methods to communicate in a way which not only promotes you as a scientist but helps to encourage science, society and the media to support each other.

I look forward to working with you in the future and together, transform your science into a compelling story for all ages.

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